Our agent training process

As a company, we aim to provide an easy experience for our clients that leaves them confident and educated. Our licensed agents go through three weeks of intense training to prepare them for conversations with seniors across the country.

Our Goal:

We aim to provide an immersive training experience for new and veteran agents alike. Our comprehensive, hands-on training produces highly engaged “ready to coach” experts. We know that continued, daily education is key to long-term expertise.

Our Training Process:

All new agents go through a three-week training course. Upon completion of the training course, each agent is assigned a sales coach (mentor), as well as a sales manager. From day one, we give new agents all the tools they need, so they are fully equipped for success from the day they walk through our doors.

Week One:

  • The first week focuses on the ins and outs of the insurance industry, its trends, and the competitive landscape.

Week Two:                            

  • Our agents work throughout the second week learning our vast array of systems and processes used to provide a great customer experience.

Week Three:

  • It is all about the customer. Our agents must understand and love work with people.
  • We focus on maximizing efficiency to ensure our clients will have a personalized, and simplified experience when they call us.


  • After training, new agents spend time as a transfer agent which gives the agent real-life experience speaking to potential clients and working with our various software programs.
  • Agents continue to train and receive coaching throughout the year. Regular call reviews, process conversations, and more allow for an agent that is competent no matter what happens in Medicare.

Providing accurate, helpful answers to people around the country in an attempt to find them a great insurance plan is our goal. Training throughout an agent’s career is a cornerstone in achieving that throughout our organization. Have you worked with a UMA agent? Let us know how it went at https://www.trustpilot.com/review/unitedmedicareadvisors.com.