Medicare Part A & Part B

basic costs for 2017

Changes in Original Medicare Costs For 2017:

With the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period coming to a close, we begin looking ahead to next year’s basic costs. Annual cost adjustments reflect increases in spending per Medicare beneficiary. When Medicare has more enrollees and more services performed per beneficiary, individual costs rise.

Part A: Hospital Insurance

Most people do not pay for Part A. To see if you’re exempt, check this link.

  • 2016 Premium: Up to $411/month
  • 2017 Premium: Up to $413/month
  • 2016 Deductible: $1,288
  • 2017 Deductible: $1,316

*Nearly all Medigap Plans cover the Part A deductible

Part B: Doctor’s Office Insurance

  • 2016 Premium: $104.90/month for most
  • 2017 Premium: $134/month for most
  • 2016 Deductible: $166 per year
  • 2017 Deductible: $183 per year

To see the full 2017 cost chart, visit’s website.

To find updated costs for specific health care plans, visit the Medicare Plan Finder.