Inside UMA: Nathan Wieske

Nathan Wieske first started at United Medicare Advisors four years ago as a sales agent, fresh out of college. But two years into his career, he experienced a few exciting but demanding life changes, including buying his first home and getting engaged, that required more flexibility and free time.

For Nathan, moving to the customer care department was a seamless transition that allowed him to continue working with clients on a day-to-day basis while gaining an improved work-life balance. Now as a customer care coach, he has more time for his family, his friends, and his hobbies, but he still gets to accomplish his favorite part of his job: helping clients.

nathan wieske at united medicare advisors

What do you love about UMA?

I love the people—we have such a great team here. We have outstanding leadership in this company and that trickles down to us, which is something that’s really hard to find in companies of our size. They inspire all of us to be better at what we do, and what we do is help people. It’s an awesome feeling being good at helping people.

What sets customer care apart from other departments?

Our goal in customer care is to make sure our clients are still happy a year later. At UMA, we don’t just stop serving our clients once they buy a policy; we have an entire team dedicated to ensuring clients’ happiness throughout our partnership.

I’m still able to explain things to my clients and be a resource for them every day—the same aspects I loved while being on the sales floor. The biggest difference for me is that in sales you help people make one decision, and in customer care, I just get to help people period.



What do you enjoy about being a coach?

I wanted to be a coach because these people here are all very important to me and I want to help them succeed. When I was starting out at UMA, I had an outstanding mentor that truly helped shape me to be who I am here today. I pull a lot of what I learned from him into what I teach my team on a daily basis. I hope that my actions are as impactful to my team as he was for me and that I can make a difference in their careers.

So, you enjoy skeet shooting. How does that relate to your job?

With skeet shooting, the patterns are predictable because the target should be the same each time. But take calling a client as an example: you have to react differently to each call—just like you have to react differently to each pull. Even though we have good guidelines on how to handle certain situations, I can’t treat each client the same, just like I can’t treat each shot the same.

What are your goals within the next year?

My main goal is to help my peers improve their metrics and help them attain the goals they have set for themselves. When we help each other get better, we become better partners to our clients. I also hope to continue moving up into management positions where I can further implement changes and help our department become more effective and improve at what we do.

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