How to get dental, vision, and hearing insurance

A common misconception about Medicare is that it covers all areas of healthcare. This misunderstanding leads to many beneficiaries overlooking their dental, vision, and hearing coverage. With many health issues starting in these areas, we highly recommend our clients add a dental, vision, and hearing plan to their health insurance setup.

For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that nearly 50% of American adults have gum disease that can help be prevented with annual exams. To better assist you, we’ve done extensive research on a wide variety of plan options. Below you’ll find details on a great plan that combines these three areas of need into one convenient package.

The plan we found to be the best value is an all-encompassing plan with Manhattan Life.

Plan Highlights:

  • You can apply for this coverage 100% online.
  • This plan is not limited to Medicare beneficiaries as it covers ages 3 to 85.
  • It bundles all three needs: dental, vision, and hearing. You have one plan at one price.
  • No networks! You are free to see whatever healthcare professional you prefer.
  • There is no health underwriting. Everyone is guaranteed issued into a policy!

Regardless of your age, without proper dental, vision, and hearing care, other health issues can arise. We highly recommend this plan for its wide coverage at a low cost to you. If you are interested, get a FREE quote for this dental, vision, and hearing plan here!

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