Are you overpaying for Medigap?

As an agency, we tout the benefits of comparison shopping Medicare Supplement rates. Does this advice apply no matter where someone lives across the country? Are there really large differences between the highest and lowest Medigap premiums within a given state?

The answer is yes (but just how much variance exists depends upon where you live).

To put things in perspective, let’s take a look at ten different markets across the country with high amounts of Medicare Supplement policyholders. For our purposes, we’ll use data for a 65-year-old female looking at Plan F premiums.

Along the bottom, you will see the percentage difference between the lowest and highest Medigap Plan F premium in that area.

The greater the variance, the easier it is to overpay for your Medicare Supplement plan. Just because you live in Manhattan, New York, the area with some of the highest premiums in the country, doesn’t mean you will personally be paying more. This means that comparison shopping matters, no matter where you live.

What Determines My Medigap Premium?


Regardless of your situation, our advisors can generate quotes for you and ensure you have the best plan for your needs at the best premium available. If you’re already a United Medicare Advisors client, then you know we’ll review your policy each year to ensure you are still happy with your plan.

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Data Source:
The American Association of Medicare Supplement Insurance