5 clients tell us how UMA makes Medicare easy

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5 clients tell us how UMA makes Medicare easy

If you’ve ever elected healthcare coverage, you know how complicated it can be to understand exactly how your policy works or if you’re even getting the coverage you need. And when it comes to starting Medicare, your options grow tenfold. Going it alone can mean lack of coverage where you need it, too much coverage where you don’t, and overpaying on your monthly premiums.

Our clients know working with UMA is different. We’re a group dedicated to learning about your specific healthcare needs, educating you about your options, and finding the lowest possible rates to get you covered. Not only do we get you set up when it’s time to enroll, but we check in every year to make sure you’re still happy and make coverage adjustments if necessary.

It’s easy for us to tell you why we’re great—but our clients can back us up, too.
Here’s what a few of them have said in the past week alone:

Jason Kent was a very knowledgeable person who helped us through every question and concern. We had no doubt about the decision we made after working with him.
Robert B.

This service has been invaluable to me. For the past year, I have been inundated with mailings from so many different insurance companies and organizations touting the superiority of the Medicare supplemental polices they were offering. What I most wanted was a totally objective professional who would in no way monetarily benefit from my particular decision who also has a sense of humor! I found that and more in Brian Geron. Brian simplified what to me was an overwhelming process. I also really like the policy of the advisors/counselors checking back in with the clients and continuing to help them through the years. I have already recommended this service (and Brian) to several people in my department who will be facing these same decisions soon.
Kathy S.

Before I talked to an agent from United Medicare Advisors I had already done some of my homework in what plans were available. But I didn’t know which company I was going to go with until I talked to one of their agents. He looked up the geographical area where I lived and was able to tell me which company that served my county. And was able to quote me a price to the best plan suited for me. Henceforth I am now a client and feel secure about my supplemental plan.
Douglas K.

Finally, someone who actually explained this entire process where we understood what each plan covered, etc. We decided together on what plans we are going to get and how much it is going to cost us. I would definitely recommend this company and we’ve talked to several different ones. Thank you to our advisor, Aaron, and United Medicare Advisors!
Patricia M.

Impressed with process. Scott was wonderful he was very patient in explaining all my options and answered all my questions. When I called, he was very quick to get back with me. I have already told friends and family about my experience and how easy it was. Love the fact that they will get in touch with me next year to see if I should stay with same company or choose another.
Denise S.

I was so confused about all the options I had as I started this Medicare Journey. Jordan was a LifeSaver to me. He not only listened to my concerns, he explained very clearly how it all works. He asked me some questions to see just what I needed and gave me some options. I was able to make a clear, informed choice that is going to not only meet my medical needs, but meet my finances as well. United Medicare Advisors will now be with me as I continue this journey to be sure I make the right choice should anything change. On a scale of 1 to 10 they get an 11.
Teresa C.

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