Characteristics of Medicare beneficiaries

Over 55 million people in our country benefit from Medicare. Learn how to get Medicare yourself by reviewing the traits of people who are enrolled. What do these people look like? What are some of their commonly-held qualities? The Kaiser Family Foundation recently released a report detailing several of the more universal characteristics.

According to this report, a majority of Americans that are Medicare beneficiaries live with not just one, but multiple chronic conditions. Additionally, one-quarter of those who benefit from Medicare are in “fair to poor” health. This statistic alone is one of the reasons why our advisors encourage their clients to take advantage of annual wellness exams.

Compare the following graph with yourself and loved ones to understand characteristics of a qualified Medicare beneficiary.

Nearly one-third of Medicare beneficiaries experience some sort of diagnosed cognitive or mental impairment. Half of the entire Medicare population have incomes below $24,150 and savings below $63,350.