6 reasons why AEP might not affect you

Reason #1

You have a Medicare Supplement plan. Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period does not affect your coverage at all.

Reason #2

You are a United Medicare Advisors client. When you enroll in a plan through us, you won’t have to lift a finger to keep your policy inexpensive and current. Our Policy Services department takes care of everything to shop your plan every year and will report the findings to you during a quick annual policy review call.

Reason #3

You don’t take any prescription drugs and will never ever take a prescription drug. So, for the rest of us who do take some type of prescription or at least want coverage for them, AEP is the time of year to shop those plans. Head to our Drug Plan Finder Walkthrough to compare the Part D plans.

Reason #4

You are aging-in to Medicare (most often this means turning 65) at some point in the near future. Your enrollment timeline is entirely separate from AEP and begins a few months prior to your birth month. Head over to the “I am turning 65” section for some advice for people in your shoes.

Reason #5

You are above the age of 65 and have Medicare Part A but are still working and enrolled in employer-sponsored insurance. Don’t worry about doing anything with Medicare until you are ready to leave that other plan. We’ll be ready to help whenever you need us!

Reason #6

You have a Medicare Advantage plan and do not want to shop around for another one. You are happy with your network and level of coverage and are aware of the potential underwriting restrictions you may encounter in entering a Medicare Supplement plan somewhere down the road.