5 ways UMA has you covered: Annual check-in

Annual check-in

5 ways UMA has you covered: Annual check-in

So, you’ve finally enrolled in the right Medicare plan for your needs. You’re an expert on the policy and know exactly how you’re covered. But what about next year? A lot can happen between now and then, and UMA knows it.

We talked to Customer Support Manager, Andrew Pickle, to learn more about how we take care of you after you enroll.

What exactly does the Customer Support team do? 

Our primary goal is to make sure every customer is happy with the service they get from UMA and are satisfied with their current coverage. We’re licensed advisors, so we can answer questions other teams can’t answer. Our team is made up of former UMA advisors so all of us have been with the company a long time. And we’re licensed by state, so we’re specialized and trained in Medicare rules and regulations that are relevant to every person we talk to, no matter where they live.

How do you do it?

We call you right after you enroll in your policy to make sure there were no issues in getting your cards or coverage, and to answer any questions you might have right away. After that, we follow up with every customer a year after they’ve enrolled to make sure the coverage they chose a year ago still makes sense for them. We know a lot of life can happen in a year, so we ensure our customers aren’t paying for coverage they don’t need or missing out on coverage they do need.

We like to be proactive in contacting our clients because we know calling about healthcare coverage can be intimidating. Getting a handle on an issue while it’s small makes everyone’s lives easier, so we try to catch problems before they get bigger—and more expensive—than they need to be.

We handle claims issues and adjustments that tend to be different under Medicare than regular PPO insurance. That way our clients don’t have to navigate the complicated process on their own. We ask questions about current health care needs that may have changed and can suggest different or additional products that may be beneficial. And we answer any in-depth questions about coverage to help clients take full advantage of their policy.

What makes UMA different?

We know how complicated Medicare can be, so knowing we help make people’s healthcare coverage easier feels awesome. Staying healthy makes for a happier life, and we always treat our customers health concerns as if they were our own. Our number one goal is to make our clients feel confident that they’ve made the right decision about their coverage every step of the way. And that’s a win-win for us both.

Want to know how else UMA has you covered? Check out our eBook to learn four more ways we help you feel confident about your Medicare journey.